Wholly owned holding units:

Wuxi Financial Holding Factoring Co.,Ltd.
Wuxi Huaya Weaving C0.,Ltd.

Wuxi Jianxing China-Europe Science and Technology Co.,Ltd.

Wuxi Kefa Investment&Guaranty Co.,Ltd.
Wuxi Sunshine Solar Power Co.,Ltd.
Wuxi Hongyuan New Materials Technology Co.,Ltd.
Jiangsu Huilian Aluminum Co.,Ltd.
Xichan Investment(HK) Limited
Wuxi Sunan Agricultural and Sideline Products Logistics Co.,Ltd.
Wuxi National Development Metal Resources Co., Ltd.
Wuxi GuoSheng Asset Management Company
Jiangsu Wuxi Pharmaceuticals Corporation

Wuxi Industry Gather Abundant Investment Management Co.,ltd.

Wuxi-Nanda Green Materials Science and Engineering Institute Co.,Ltd.

Participating units  

Wuxi Weifu Lida Catalytic Converter Co.,Ltd.

Wuxi Huapeng Closures Co.,Ltd.
Wuxi Dingshu General Airport

Wuxi Afu Microcredit Co.,Ltd.

WuXi Hi-Tech Industry Development Co.,Ltd.
Amprius Inc.

Securities Daily Media Co.,Ltd.

Wuxi Xihong Lianxin Investment Co.,Ltd.